LWUM & UN GREEN FLAGSHIP - No Land Left Dry   Sahara Transformation   Life Trees Program   Billionaire Green Aid

Ways to Get Involved

• Participating in the Life Trees Family Program by families
• Participating in local NGO tree planting programs
• Participating in the 7.3 billion Earth Citizen Tree Planting Programs
• Participating in activities initiated by LWUM to bring alive the Sahara Transformation Initiative
• Donating money on LWUM site for us to fund the Family Trees Program
• Donating money for us to fund the spreading and promotion of any of the 13 LWUM Green Earth initiations
• Spreading words on any of the 13 LWUM Green Earth initiations that resonate with your heart on Social media
• Being a bridge volunteerly between LWUM initiations and governments, other NGOs and institutions to institute these forestation programs (we need individuals who have a self-regarded success in the material realm and now endeavored in developing your spiritual muscles to achieve personal fullness by devoting yourselves in the cause of a collective well being of humanity)


List of the 13 Holistic Green Earth Initiations with an Earth Vision. For details, please refer to the Book “Stop Stop Stop Undust the Common Sense of the Timeless Wisdom – transformational Initiatives to the Green Earth Life”

Category I Symbolism –
• Alteration of the Great Sphinx of Giza

Category II Reversion and Conversion Projects
• No Land Left Dry Global Vegetation Restoration Movement
• Changing Work Style, White Collars to Work from Home, Convert the Spared Office Spaces to Moderate, Economical Apartments
• Rehabilitation of Wild Herbivores in large Scales and Transforming Farm Animals to Feral Herbivores with Global Coordination of Operation, to Build Natural Food Supply for Humans and Other Carnivores. Human Beings Together with Big Wild Carnivores Play Management Roles in The Full Ecosystems of Earth Life. Let the Animals Do the Job!
• New Infrastructure Building and Renovation of Old Infrastructure Including National, Subnational, Transnational Roads, Railroads to Incorporate Underpasses or Overpasses for Wildlife Moving Around and Migration
• New Human Dwelling Constructions and Other Constructions Utilize Bamboo, Sand and Solar Power, Renovation of Old Dwellings with Solar Power and Sustainable Materials
• Phase out Fossil Fuel and Enforce It, and Full Scale Embrace Solar

Category III Creation Projects

• Building Networks of Public Computer Stands on Streets and in Local Community for People Accessing Internet for Online Shopping, Sending Emails
• Sharing/Renting Network Businesses of Private Vehicles in Cities, Reduce Vehicle Numbers and Ownership Worldwide, Government Policies to Curb Auto Production
• Natural Water Diversion Projects to Subdue Global Climate Change
a. Sahara Desert Transformation to a Diverse Land of Lakes, Palm Trees, Bushes and Oasis, forests with A Holistic Plan to Involve Multiple Partners – crucial project for bringing down global temperature and subduing climate change and transforming the world economy
b. Underground Water Diverging Pipe Systems Connecting Fresh Water Flood Areas to Draught Areas, Utilizing Existing Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs, and or Build New Fresh Water Lakes Where They Are Desperately Needed

Category IV Human Species Management
• Wholeness Wellbeing Public Education, Full Being Education in Family, in Schools and in Public Entertainment
• Human Population Must Be Brought Under Management, Human Species Must Fit in The Life Circle in The Earth Ecosystems, Equality and Freedom Principles Must Be Applied in The Larger Earth Community
• Return Human’s Body to The Whole Circle of Life as Food Supply through Ocean and Sky Burials. In Return It Will Flourish Wild Animals and Marine Life to Supply for Human’s Food

Dissolution or Dismantlement of the Political State of Israel, Replacing it with A New State of Civilian Territory of Israel with Both Israelis and Palestinians living in to Resolve the Historical Israel-Palestine Conflicts Which Is the Base for Eradicating Violent Extremists

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