家乡 My Homeland – By Han Hong

Do you know China has fifty six ethnic groups and each group has their own dialect and culture. And Mandarin is the official language. In previous This Week’s Chinese Song I already introduced Songs with Inner Mongolian folk tunes. Today I’m going to introduce a song with Tibetan tune.  Let’s learn more about the song first, then I’m going to give you a bit more information about Tibet and its culture.

This is an easy-to-sing (short verses) and beautiful pop song by top star Han Hong in China.  She is Tibetan origin and this song applies Tibetan folk music in it. I like it not only because the tune is beautiful, but also it expresses such a gratitude   towards life, in the lyrics it even incorporates the Buddhism six syllable Mandra in it. Here are the lyrics:

wǒ de jiāxiāng zài Rìkēzé, nàlǐ yǒu tiáo měilì de hé. Amala shuō niú yáng mǎn shānpō, nà shì yīnwèi púsa bǎoyòu de.
lánlán de tiānshang báiyún duóduó, měilì héshuǐ fàn qīngbō. xióngyīng cóng zhèlǐ zhǎnzhì fēiguo, liúxia yíduàn dòngrén de gé.

(Bhuddism Mandra) Om Mani Padme Hum
wǒ de jiāxiāng zài Rìkēzé, nàlǐ yǒu tiáo měilì de hé. Amala shuō niú yáng mǎn shānpō, nà shì yīnwèi púsa bǎoyòu de.
lánlán de tiānshang báiyún duóduó, měilì héshuǐ fàn qīngbō. xióngyīng cóng zhèlǐ zhǎnzhì fēiguo, liúxia yíduàn dòngrén de gé.


(佛教六字真言) 嗡嘛呢 (嘛呢) 叭咪吽,嗡嘛呢(嘛呢)叭咪吽

Translation: My Homeland

My hometown is in Shigatse, there is a beautiful river there. Mama says that the abundance of livestock in the mountains is the blessing of Buddha.
In the blue, blue sky, flowing are the white clouds, and flashing are the ripples in the beautiful river. Heroic eagles are flying over, leaving a passionate song.



Note:  菩萨púsa – Bodhisattva

This song could be taught at lower elementary level

Like Inner Mongolian Songs that formed its characteristics of graceful melodies because of its unique spacious grasslands, Tibetan music always brings you a feeling of magnificence with its high pitch plus vibrationable singing notes sometimes expressing the life of high land. Tibet is located in the West  of China, on the south part of The Tibetan-Qinghai Plateau at an altitude of above 4000 meters from sea level. The Qinghai-Tibetan plateau is the highest and largest plateau in the world. About 4.6 million Tibetans live on the plateau, and over 90% of the population are engaged in farming and herding. Below are their traditional costumes


Here is another song sung by the same singer, and this song is a exemplifier of a Tibetan song with it full characteristics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o8zFePZOcA.   This song is very popular and sung by various singers.


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Chakras, the Energy Centers of The Human Body – to activate to maximize our life force 2#

We’re in a series of postings on Chakras, the energy centers of human body. Because we’re not only biological (physical) bodies as most people commonly believe, but more of spiritual (electromagnetic) beings which are part of the universal energy. And the main chakras in human body are the vital points to connect us with the cosmic energy – the life force of all beings.

serpent coil up Kundalini, the life forces became dormant in most of our human bodies, coiled like a serpent (sometimes drawn as two, a dark and a light to represent the Yin/Yang, the two polarized energy) at the Base Chakra after we were born. And It’s part of God Spirit injected in human bodies but conditioned in the physical body, and it’s seeking the reunion with God.  In Hinduism, it’s given the name Shakti, when activated, it will spiral up around the spine, seeking the reunion with god Shiva at the Crown Chakra.

Jesus said “On the day you were one, you became two”, and he asked “when you have become two, what will you do?”  11# Gospel of Thomas

Do you find similar messages in these two completely different religious expressions? do you still think this Saying of Jesus esoteric? I hope one day, if not by now, you can answer Jesus this particular question.

We all know that DNA in our spine encodes life information. Then the chakras located along the spine  harbor an unlimited pool of knowledge about life. And each chakra governs specific areas of our physical bodies, related emotional issues, represented with one of the cosmic colors. If DNA holds the secrets of life for its different forms, material appearances, then the chakras may bury the vast knowledge about life for its emotions, mental faculties and spiritual power.  Therefore it has significant meaning that we have recognized  the importance of balancing our chakras for optimal emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.   The 7 energy centers are:

  • Base Chakra – Survival, material needs governor
  • Sacral Chakra – Creativity, Sexuality and Relationship Driver
  • Solar Chakra – Will Power Facilitater
  • Heart Chakra – Sense of Belonging, Searching for (Divine) Love
  • Throat Chakra – Ability to Express Your Truth
  • Brow Chakra – Intuitive, Psychic Ability
  • Crown Chakra – Thousand Doors to Divine Wisdom

Today is about Sacral Chakra, the second after the base Chakra,  associated with the cosmic Orange color.


The Sacral Chakra is located at the area about one inch below our navel. It affects the issues of relationships, sexuality and intimacy, and creativity. The ability to maintain and handle clear and well balanced relationships including intimacy relationships, easy flow with life, environmental change is a good sign for balanced energy. If a strong sexual desire is very utilized and fulfilled, it can generate unlimited creativity, on the contrary, it can be a destructive force in your life. According to Napolean Hill who has studied hundreds of  people who have made outstanding contributions to societies, almost all of  those successful people are actually sexually strong ones, including Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein.

The body parts associated to Sacral Chakra are our hips, lower back, sexual organs, bladder, kidneys, large intestine, pelvis, appendix, and bodily fluids etc.  You can check yourself, if any of these organs in your body has issues, before it becomes more serious, you can meditate on your sacral chakra, together with affirmations, it can be healed.

In my Learn With Universal Mind Chinese Textbooks, level two – Daily Contemplation, the Cover design using Orange color to help learners balancing their Sacral Chakra energy in a natural way while they’re using the textbook. And it incorporate visualization, meditation and affirmation in the learning process to help learners in absorbing the language.   Learn more and purchase the book, click on Store.

Next is about Solar Plexus Chakra.

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Unlimited Dimensional Universe – understanding ourselves for better communication (2)

We’re at the beginning of an exciting process of expansion of human consciousness which will bring us human beings a breakthrough in understanding of the universe we’re living in and in understanding of ourselves.

600px-6-demicube_t0_D6.svgby Tomruen

I believe We’re living in an infinite universe which expands into unlimited dimensions, and these dimensions extend to all directions and in both macro and micro scales. It should not be imagined in any fixed shape, if so you’re expecting it in our 3-dimensional rules. The image above can give you an idea but it’s supposed to be no boundaries both at the outline and at the center. And how far it goes really depending on the human consciousness, I mean individual consciousness. Because collective consciousness is always behind the expansion of individual consciousness, and the development of science always follows the most expanded consciousness. Think about all scientific theories and inventions in history, you would realize this.

The consciousness is all key element. The laws governing these dimensions are also in a progressive way which means if the consciousness expands to a certain pivotal stage its entity/being enters into another dimension which has additional laws to govern. And this can be perceived by the fact that some spirits or aliens can outpower us human, but we cannot in the 3 dimensional worlds.  However those sages, very spiritually developed human beings (through ancient scriptures leaving the enlightened messages) already did (some may call it transcending). And Universal Mind –  the Oneness God is the Supreme Intelligence which permeates infinitely. In our time now our human consciousness is in an unprecedented pivotal point in history for expansion – we’re going to have a breakthrough to understand more of the universe, and this is an infinite journey… Why shouldn’t we all feel lucky being present at the beginning of this great process!?

Consciousness is the awareness, the ability to understand our body, the spiritual Self  living in this body, and the universe.  We’re spiritual beings, coming from the Supreme Intelligent source – the Universalmind, but living in the physical body which is governed by laws ruling the 3-dimensional world. And in this world we are using the normal 5 senses to perceive the world and are conditioned by circumstances, while our spiritual Self belongs to the infinite Universal Mind, and it’s powerful, has no limits, no conditions but freedom, that’s why human beings always feel facing struggles, sufferings. The Chinese word for I “我” 我-redwritten in 2 elements – ‘self’ on the left and a  ‘weapon’ on the right which connotes that the self is always in fights. If you think our minds (ego self) never stop struggling between choices, between arguing, between reasoning,you would applaud the Chinese ancestors who invented this symbol to represent ‘I’.

No matter you’re aware of the Self or not (may not be activated), it is there in you, and it’s the job of your consciousness to reach it. Since each individual being is created uniquely, and each consciousness would need to take on its own journey to develop, therefore each individual would view this world differently, and take a different pace to reach that pivotal point to transcend, some may not be able to reach that point at all at this life time journey. In understanding this, it would help us to appreciate ourselves, to respect others by eliminating struggles, judgement on others, start living in ease and happiness.


Love and Peace


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